Peanut butter goodness

I have two posts planned on my love of the peanut – this one will focus on an awesome cookie I made recently, whereas the next one will focus on the fun to be had growing peanuts yourself! Not enough to make peanut butter, though, which is my great love …

A few weeks ago, I decided that a more beneficial way of satisfying my love of all things cookie and sweet (usual, but even more so during pregnancy, I must say, although that’s perhaps because I try and justify it by saying the baby wants it … 🙂 was to make some yummy cookies myself, to try and combat the high levels of crap found in commercially sold/available in my work kitchen options.

Now, there is sometimes a big debate in Australia about the difference between cookies and biscuits, largely based on the Americanisation of our language etc, and some people use these terms interchangeabley. In my view, biscuits are harder, and made for Anzacs (it is not an Anzac cookie, people, it’s an Anzac biscuit, made to travel long distances and survive!) and/or by Arnott’s in large packs and found frequently at workplaces. Cookies, however, are softer, often a bit sweeter, American in origin, and made by Subway/cafes/lots of bloggers. I feel that a choc chip biscuit can be nice, but a choc chip cookie can be even nicer, as it is softer and chewier, and if I’m buying from a cafe or similar, then it’s a cookie, whereas if it’s served at a work morning tea, it’s likely to be a biscuit. However, sometimes it just depends on how long you cook it for, I have often planned to make cookies and ended up with biscuits!! So it’s not a hard and fast rule, but these are definitely cookies – chewy, soft and oh so yummy!

The recipe below is truly wonderful, so much so that my husband wolfed many of them down and said that I could make these anytime I like (high praise indeed!) They also lasted surprisingly well, probably because it’s colder weather – I made them on Sunday, and they kept in an airtight container until Friday (not many of them, due to our high incidence of eating them!), so I didn’t have to freeze them as I had thought I might, although as I plan to make them again this weekend, I might make a double batch and freeze them just so we have them available longer!!

I really love peanut butter – I love it on toast, I love it with crackers, I love it flavouring things, I think it gives a lovely sweet/salty tang to sweet things that I very much appreciate. I must say, I haven’t yet gotten on the alternate nut butter (almond, sunflower etc) bandwagon – I like almonds, but didn’t really like the almond butter I tried, so I might need to try it again, or just continue to enjoy my love affair with peanut butter! I also love it with chocolate – those Reese’s people know what they’re doing! Therefore, I wanted to bake a cookie that would have both peanut butter flavouring and choc chips, and voila! These are not necessarily the healthiest thing, but in moderation, a very welcome addition to our eating! I made these in my Mix Master, which worked well for a properly mixed cookie dough – just had to try and stop myself from eating too much raw cookie dough, darn raw egg restrictions!

I found this recipe on the lovely vegan blog Oh She Glows, because I really like her recipes, but as I am not vegan, and wanted to use ingredients we had around the house, I have adapted it – here is the link to the original if you’re interested –

Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies

1 egg
1/4 cup butter or margarine (45g)
1/4 cup peanut butter (70g)
3/4 cup lightly packed brown sugar (135g)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp fine grain sea salt
1 cup rolled oats(105g)
1 cup +2 tbsp almond flour or meal (I had almond meal, so used that – you can grind your own almonds if you feel the great urge, I didn’t!)
1/3 cup chocolate chips, dark or milk would work fine

1. Preheat oven to 350F and line a baking sheet with baking paper.
2. With an electric mixer or in a stand mixer (ie my lovely Mix Master), beat the buttery spread and peanut butter until combined. Add sugar and beat for 1 minute more. Beat in the egg and vanilla extract until combined.
3. Beat in the remaining dry ingredients (baking soda, baking powder, salt, oats, and almond flour) one by one. If your dough is dry (this could be the case if too much flour is used), you can add a touch of milk to thin it out. Fold in chocolate chips.
4. Shape 1-inch balls of dough (smaller than golf balls) and place on the baking sheet. If chocolate chips aren’t sticking to the dough, just press them in with your fingers. There is no need to flatten the balls as the cookies spread out a lot. Place balls 2-3 inches apart.
5. Bake for about 11-13 minutes (I baked for 12 mins) until lightly golden. The underside will also be a rich golden brown shade. The cookies will be very soft coming out of the oven, but they will harden as they cool.
6. Allow to cool for 5-10 mins. on the baking sheet and then transfer to a cooling rack for another 10 minutes. Sprinkle cookies with flaked sea salt to bring out the peanut butter flavour even more (which I forgot to do, but might do this time!)
7. Enjoy!! They should last for almost a week in an airtight container, or should freeze very well.

Here is the one photo I remembered to take before they were all gone – as you can see, I only allowed myself to bring one to work as a post-lunch hit of sweetness, it’s all about portion control over here or else I would scarf the lot!!

Peanut butter choc chip cookie

Peanut butter choc chip cookie goodness!



Yo yo yogurt!!

In my continuing quest to be more organised, be more organic and save money, I spent Sunday afternoon creating food for the week – something very cathartic about having snacks and meals ready to go!

I baked bread (using our lovely bread maker and a soy and linseed packet mix), made meatloaf for dinner for Sun and Mon nights (see photos below – super yummy!):



A hearty winter dinner!

A hearty winter dinner!

made some chia seed puddings, made some awesome peanut butter and choc chip cookies (will post on those soon!), and then also made yogurt!! I was very proud of my industrious self!

Everything else seems pretty standard in terms of food prep, but making yogurt? How does one do that, I hear you ask?

Making yogurt
Well, I am a believer in synchronicity and signs – one of my friends Carolyn had posted recently on FB about making her own yogurt using the EasiYo system, and I was intrigued. Then, when I was perusing a webpage about money-saving tips (always enjoy thrifty tips!), someone else commented about EasiYo and how cost effective (and easy!) it was!!

I looked it up online, and although you could order the system online for extra shipping costs, you could also purchase them at various supermarkets like Big W or Woolworths, which made more economic sense (even though I love online shopping so much so that the Australia Post guy knows me now!) So, Sunday arvo, after some awesome bargain baby clothes shopping (it’s all so very cute!! And even better when on sale, thankyou Gaia Organic and Baby Bonds!), my lovely husband and I forewent our usual IGA shop and instead visited the larger Woolworths which is further from our house.

We used to shop there weekly when we first moved here, but realised that we usually don’t need such a big shop, involving a bus trip back, as we get most of our fruit & veg from our organic box and smaller shops – also, Woolies on a Sunday late afternoon is a horrible place full of people similarly unhappy about shopping and the impending Monday!! However, we were there early enough on Sunday arvo for it not to be too bad.

This long ramble ends happily, as while I had planned on going to Woolies for the EasiYo purchase, I completely forgot about it once we were there(baby brain!), and thankfully my husband has an amazing memory for random things that I tell him, as he saw it, said ‘didn’t you want one of those?’, and voila, we got it! It’s also super cheap – the whole contraption is less than $20, and sachets of the yogurt stuff is only around $3.50 a pop!

It was very easy to use – you just put some water in the canister, add the sachet of yogurt mix (I chose vanilla to start with), shake around, fill with more water, then put boiling water in the bigger container, put the canister in and put the lid on, and leave overnight! Out of the fridge, to allow the starter to create yogurt, you refrigerate it once yogurt has occurred.

I was sceptical, I must admit – I thought it either wouldn’t work, or would be very weird looking and tasting.

Monday morning, I opened it up, and there was yogurt!!

A bit mottled on the top (whey settling, methinks), but once you got down into it, it was lovely and creamy-looking.

The first spoonful of the goodness!

The first spoonful of the goodness!

A little bit further into the yogurty goodness!

A little bit further into the yogurty goodness!

And the taste? Awesome!! Just like the ones I usually eat, sweet, not too sweet, and quite a light texture!! The wheyey bit on the top also tasted great, nothing wrong there!
Stirred around

Stirred around

On my porridge, just like from the store - get in my belly!!

On my porridge, just like from the store – get in my belly!!

I had checked the pack to make sure I wasn’t getting too much extra sugar, and it ends up being the same as the other yogurt I get in terms of sugar and calories, and a bit better on calcium and fat! And for less than half the price – my 700g of organic goodness normally costs around $7, whereas I made 1kg for $3.50!!

Full canister of yum!

Full canister of yum!

Funky container to make yogurt!

Funky container to make yogurt!

It lasts 2 weeks in the fridge – EasiYo for the win!! And the real test – husband verdict (he was also quite sceptical) was “this is great, we should buy a second container to make plenty for us both to eat during the week!”

It comes in lots of other flavours, as well as natural, greek, and low fat – I have a sweet tooth, so enjoy the vanilla one, but will also experiment with the greek and natural. I also prefer to add my own fruit flavourings to things, and as I currently use this on my porridge, which already has plenty of fruit and flavour, this is a winner!! It is super easy in terms of mixing and leaving

So, there you go, not quite from scratch as I use their sachets (although I read that you can use milk powder and a bit of the leftover yogurt as a starter for a similar effect, will try that in the future too!), but definitely something homemade and cost effective that I would not have expected!!