Smoothie goodness

I must say, I love a good smoothie. I’m a huge milk fan, always have been, and while I could probably drink a milkshake every day, it’s probably not the most nutritionally whole breakfast or snack, what with the artificial flavouring, the icecream, oh the yumminess …

Anyway, where was I? Yes, smoothies. Where I can still get my sweet yummy milk fix, with a bit more health value thrown in for good measure. There is something kinda retro about them to me, too, as I remember smoothies being big in the 90’s when I was a teenager, so they remind me of being at cafés with my friends and thinking I was so sophisticated with my strawberry smoothie and my focaccia.

I do still like to order them when out, particularly as I haven’t been bold enough to make my own version of the current trend, the green smoothie, yet – I have a concern about how much cucumber is involved, and am still experiencing a bit of PTSD from my cucumber plant’s untimely demise.

My favourite smoothies are probably still fairly retro, in that I enjoy actual milk of the cow variety (rather than almond or coconut or other versions – nothing against them, I’m just still fine with the original dairy, but do feel free to substitute whatever works for you!). I also continue my dislike of too much banana flavour by omitting bananas entirely. This smoothie is adapted from one by the lovely Michelle Bridges, from her 12 Week Body Transformation that I used to great effect in 2012. It’s great for breakfast or when you don’t feel like a traditional lunch, or want a satisfying afternoon snack!

Mixed berry smoothie

250ml milk
100g or so of frozen fruit (I love my frozen berries!)
Any fresh fruit that is getting a bit funny you want to get rid of – ie I chucked a nectarine that was getting a bit soft in.
A few spoonfuls of yogurt
A few handfuls (around 25-50g worth depending on hunger) of muesli (the muesli really adds a lovely texture and depth that I recommend)

1. Put everything in a suitable blending container.
2. Blend (I use a stick blender, it works a treat!)
3. Pour into fancy glass.
4. Enjoy!

And if you’re using a fancy looking straw, make sure it’s plastic not paper like I discovered mine was, or else you’ll be racing the degrading straw to the finish line!




  1. Yum! I love smoothies (and milkshakes!). My latest home made smoothies were inspired by trendy hipster smoothies at Addison Road Markets – milk, frozen banana, raw cacao powder, honey and cashew nuts. So yummy! Sadly, B seems to be allergic to nuts and so I have had to cut out nuts too. It was a short lived smoothie discovery. I haven’t tried muesli but will have to give it a go now that nuts are out (don’t get me started on nut free muesli!).

  2. Just read this while drinking something very similar! If you add a handful of torn up kale it’s like a soft entry into the land of the green smoothie fad! I also quite enjoy it. Are you growing any at present? The smaller homegrown stuff is sweeter.

  3. Cat, you are correct, I made a smoothie on Wed arvo where I added a handful of kale to the berries and apple, and it was a soft entry point to the green smoothie land, I think I might be heading that way!! I also bought some almond milk on the weekend, so will be trying that next time too! I am still growing some kale, but keep forgetting to use it, as it is tiny (darn dwarf kale variety!) and we also get plenty in our fortnightly veggie box, but I will endeavour to put some of the home stuff in my next smoothie!

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